Monday, February 05, 2007


* Surprise, surprise. No takers on our open invitation to a debate on the stadium project. Lots of anonymous alleged tree huggers in the comment section, though, which we've now positively ID'd as 15-year old USC fans. The offer still stands.

* Deadspin's headline says it all: "Todd Bozeman is Disappointed in Your Selection of Deli Meat." Someone pull Anwar McQueen out of there, stat.

* Bruins Nation isn't satisfied with being named Pac-10 Blog of the Year, or taking the conference lead in hoops; no, they've got rub our nose in it with breathless updates on commit Kevin Love. Well, we'd be pretty excited too.

* SC is already calling out the Bruins for Thursday night's battle in Pauley. Our favorite quote from Paragon at Conquest Chronicles:
"I am unconcerned at what they think across town. Most of the "tradition" is from days gone by and a loss in last years title game is just that, a loss. This team can play no doubt but they can be beat and I am unimpressed about a bunch of banners that have been collecting dust in an old unrefurbished building from another era, that was then, this is now."
It's funny, that's exactly what we used to say about USC football...

* Husky fans have taken off the gloves after a thirty-point blowout loss at McKale. The term "must win" is a horrible cliche and often misused. That said, Cal is a must win for Washington.

* LOI day is fast approaching and we'll have profiles of Cal's class by position on Wednesday. There's really only one guy left on Cal's board - Juco DE Alex Cook - and he's supposed to announce between Cal, ASU and Arkansas tomorrow. No Gary Doxy surprises in this class, it seems.