Thursday, February 01, 2007


Word's breaking that Tedford has decided to promote Jim Michalczik to Offensive Coordinator. We had the right idea, but the wrong guy. Coach Mich is an excellent choice and by all accounts a terrific guy who commands respect from his players. We thought Gould was the more natural pick, based on two things: 1) his tenure with the program, and 2) the fact that RB coaches do less in-game 'coaching' than OL coaches.

The questions that come to mind are: 1) Will Michalczik be in the booth, and 2) Will Cal then hire a replacement or assistant to work with the OL during the games? We can't imagine that he can wear both hats on the field, unless the Bears are going to drop pretenses and just have Tedford call all the plays. The official release suggests Michalczik will continue his OL responsibilities, so perhaps that is the case.

In any event, Michalczik loves the power run game, and so do we. If the spread isn't dead, it's certainly on life support - at least until Longshore graduates.

Congratulations to Coach Michalczik and his family on a well-deserved promotion. GO BEARS!