Thursday, February 01, 2007


Sure, why not? Beats debating the most effective vector for spreading Sudden Oak Death.

* Alonzo Carter, the successful and relentlessly self-promoting head coach at Oakland McClymonds for the past eight years, is moving a few miles north to become the head coach at Berkeley High. This Coach Carter looks nothing like Samuel L Jackson - he's built like a beer keg and is loud and boisterous. Under his watch, Mack has won four Oakland Athletic League championships, and sent Derrick Hill, Kyle Reed and David Gray among others to play at Cal. Here's an entertaining video of the man himself touring around the Mack campus.

Coach Carter regularly projects himself as being "close to the program," and he probably is - Tedford has been very careful to repair relations with Bay Area coaches that had frayed during the Gilby/Mooch/Holmoe era. If he can turn Berkeley High into a local power, that's only good news for Cal down the road.

* Big night in hoops, headlined by the Ducks and Bruins at Pauley in the Battle for Conference Supremacy. Our gut tells us this will be a UCLA win, but then we think of how the Bruins struggled to contain Stanford's guards. And then we think of Aaron Brooks....and we still pick UCLA by four. The key to this game should be offensive rebounding by the Bruins. We love Maarty Leunen, but he'll have his hands full tonight.

* Arizona needs to get its shit together in a hurry, but may have to wait until Saturday. Washington State visits Tucson tonight, and the Cougars look to again be a tough matchup for the Cats. Greg Hansen has a great piece in the Daily Star on the recruitment of the Cougars which should put stars in perspective for those fretting over Cal's Scout ranking. Our favorite quote comes from Devon Harmeling - "Genetically, I'm not a Division 1 player." Except for the genes that make you money from 22 feet, we suppose.

* Cal had a visit this week from Juco DE Alex Cook, who's reported to be an Arkansas lean. ASU's also in the running and hosted Cook this week as well. Probably a long shot, but we thought we'd mention it since this is the one area JT and staff haven't addressed in the '07 class - a DE who can come in and contribute immediately.


At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) Take one cordless drill and make long and wide diameter hole in the tree trunk, preferably pointing down at 45 degrees. Fill hole with salt; Plug hole with bark, mud or anything else to hand.


2) Purchase 1lb of Sodium Chlorate and mix with sugar. Bury that near the tree and watch the sucker die.


3) Spray the leaves with high concentration of urea/nitrogen (fertilizer) on a sunny day. Nitrogen will burn it.

4) To kill a tree without removing it you can just girdle it: remove the bark in a band all the way around the trunk. It could possibly survive if the cambium manages to stay alive, so you may want to scrub/scrape the band after you remove the bark.

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will say this, you better pray none of us fall when and if we do come out of the trees. I can assure you that with our lawyers, if any of us should fall, we will sue your school for every penny of that 125 million needed to build the center. You saw how we were able to Judge shop in the injunction trial. Just imagine what kind of Judge we could get in a personal injury suit against the school. Come to think of it, we all might fall out of our trees, and rest assured we would blame it on your unjust University. See if they never came up with this stupid plan in the fist place, none of us would have to be in these precious beautiful trees. Say goodbye to your football dreams. We are getting more supporters everyday, and though we still number in the very few, our voices are louder and better organized than yours! And you say we smoke pot, please, you guys are sorry…

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Tightwad said...

To be perfectly clear, Anonymous Hero, no one affiliated with this site is advocating that anything be done to the trees that is not sanctioned by the courts and permissible under California law.

If you'd be willing to crawl out from the rock of anonymity, we'd be eager to have a Q&A with you to better understand your viewpoint.

Or, perhaps you're just a troll who is unaffiliated with the protesters. That's my guess...but prove me wrong.

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am eager to crawl "out from under" my fucking rock. I would be happy to debate with you why this tree grove must be felled. Rather than deleate my comment, try to engage me for once...

At 10:00 PM, Blogger Tightwad said...

OK, anonymous. Send us an email (in the profile section) and we'll start from there.

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