Friday, October 27, 2006


#46 - DAVE BARR, QUARTERBACK (1991-1994) The story of Dave Barr's Cal career will forever start with the words "what might have been." This is understandable, but unfair - Dave's career at Berkeley should be remembered for far more than his shoulder dislocation against the Washington Huskies in 1993, which cost the Bears that game and a possible conference championship. He should be remembered as the most efficient quarterback in the program's history.

Barr's career QB rating of 142.6 is the second-highest in school history, and he completed 63.5 of his 791 pass attempts for 6,305 yards and 48 touchdowns. Despite the injury, Barr's 1993 season ranks among the finest in California history. He completed an amazing 68% of his passes for 2619 yards and 21 touchdowns against 12 interceptions for a passer rating of 164.5, the highest in Cal history. He also led Cal's historic comeback against Oregon that year, rallying the Bears from a 30-0 deficit late in the 2nd quarter to win 42-41. After a shaky first quarter, Barr was on fire, finishing with 21-31 for 368 yards in the air. When Barr went down the Bears collapsed, dropping four straight games; Once he returned from injury, Cal began rolling again, and finished the regular season 8-4 after a 46-18 pasting of Stanford in Palo Alto. In the Alamo Bowl against Iowa, Barr completed 21 of 28 passes for 266 yards and three touchdowns, and Cal romped over the favored Hawkeyes 37-3.

Unfortunately, Barr battled injury in his senior season of 1994 as well, missing the last three games and ushering in the Pat Barnes era as Cal's new starting QB. Despite all this missed time, and the fact that he played his first two years with a strong running back in Lindsey Chapman, Barr still ranks 7th all-time among Cal QBs for yards through the air. But what Cal fans remember is his efficiency, rarely missing an open receiver on intermediate and even deep patterns.

Dave was drafted in the 4th round of the 1995 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. After a brief stint with the Eagles and St. Louis Rams, he played for the Scottish Claymores of the WLAF. If not for his injuries, Dave Barr might have been Cal's greatest (and most storied) QB, but he makes our Top 50 in any event.


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