Monday, January 15, 2007


LSU is going to name Oregon offensive coordinator Gary Crowton as the replacement for their departed OC Jimbo Fisher tomorrow.

Crowton's got HC experience and is a true guru of the shotgun spread. Oregon took a small step backward in 2006 in scoring offense, but Crowton is still well regarded and should do pretty well with budding head case Ryan Perrilloux in Baton Rouge.

We're more interested in what this means for Oregon. They have a roster full of spread talent, starting with Dennis Dixon, so we assume they won't scrap that offense entirely. They may feature more of a power run attack with Jonathan Stewart. The bigger issue is what a new coordinator will mean for Oregon's already shaky team chemistry. Coming off a disappointing season and a hideous bowl performance, this is probably not the news Bellotti needs three weeks before Signing Day. (Although some Ducks are pretty happy about the news, so what do we know?)

In another coaching move with implications for Cal, Minnesota hired Broncos TE coach Tim Brewster to replace Glenn Mason. He's known to be a great recruiter (under Mack Brown at Texas) - we'll see whether he can pull Devin Bishop back to Minneapolis.


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