Thursday, March 01, 2007


The WorldWide Leader has this article on its CBB splash page, suggesting that UCLA is "all but set" as the Tournament's #1 overall seed. How anyone can write that before the Bruins complete the very difficult Washington road trip and navigate the Pac-10 tournament is hard to understand. In any event, it feels like bad karma for tonight's game on the Palouse.

The other important game on the Pac-10 docket is, believe it or not, ASU at Stanford. Bear with me, here - Stanford has been in a bit of a spin and needs this win and some momentum going into Saturday's matchup with the Wildcats. ASU is suddenly playing pretty well, having beaten USC and nearly beaten Arizona in the past two weeks. I'm not thinking upset here, but Stanford shouldn't expect a pushover, either. If Stanford loses tonight and to Arizona on Saturday, they'll need to make a little run at Staples to get a bid, in my opinion.

All of this pales, of course, compared to the cosmic significance of tonight's game at Haas. Arizona needs this win - even with the strong RPI they're a 10 seed in Lunardi's latest edition of Bracketology. I have no idea whether Cal needs this win to get an NIT bid, since there is no such thing as an official NIT bubble, but it wouldn't hurt. Those of you with cable/satellite hookups can tune into Fox Sports Arizona to see what transpires. GO BEARS!


At 9:10 PM, Anonymous scared said...

anyone feel the earthquake

At 10:59 PM, Blogger Eli said...

This loss ensures the Bears will finish eighth in the Pac-10, meaning a first-round matchup with Oregon State in the conference tourney and a matchup with UCLA looming the next day.

Not only do I think it will be tough to beat ASU on Saturday, but I'm starting to think it won't even matter. Stick a fork in Cal's NIT chances--a .500 record won't cut it when there are plenty of other worthy plus-.500 teams from other conferences.


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