Thursday, March 01, 2007


Jay Heater, the only MSM writer worth reading on Cal football, has begun to update his excellent blog, which you can find here. Heater is almost surely the only paid media source who could name Cal's two-deep off the top of his head, and while he's a clear admirer of JT and the program you can usually get lots of subtext between the lines of his entries. Bookmark it.

His first offering is a look at the Mike linebacker position; he'll go 'round all the position groups leading up to spring kickoff on March 12. Unlike us, Jay actually talks to coaches regularly, so expect a slightly more informed depth chart projection that the one we worked up earlier this year. Of course, the downside with Heater and other MSM sources is also that they talk to the coaches regularly, which is why blogs like this exist.

We'll be very interested to hear with Coach Thompson says about the SLB position with Alex Cook now very much in the mix. We're also eager to see where Felder fits into this crowded depth chart. Only 183 days until sweet, sweet revenge.


At 2:34 PM, Blogger Pete Morris said...

Agreed. It's great to see Jay back--although it does mean I'll be looking daily at that rather unattractive cigarette-stained grill of his. Perhaps Marshawn can set him up with something a bit more shiny?


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