Thursday, January 18, 2007


After solving some technical glitches on our end, we finally got a blog exchange with Jake at Building the Dam, a fine Oregon State blog that covers both football and hoops. After a ten-win football season, Beaver fans are settling in for what could be a rough conference season in basketball. We asked Jake some questions about the team and his outlook for tonight's game. Our answers to his questions are here. Enjoy:

Tightwad Hill: Sasa Cuic (right) seems to be struggling a bit compared with last season, when he shot nearly 50% from three. What's going on with his game?

Building the Dam: Well, if you haven't seen him play, nearly all the shots he takes are fade aways. He's scoring about the same number of points as he was last year, but he's taking a lot more shots. Last year we had a lot better shooting year as a team- 8 players shot 40% or better. As of right now, we have seven guys above 40%, but four of those guys regularly come off the bench, and haven't taken the same amount of shots as our starters. Cuic just isn't as consistent as he was last year.

Tightwad Hill: We picked OSU to finish 7th in the Pac - what are your expectations (realistic and stretch) for the Beavers' finish?

Building the Dam: Realistically, I'm looking at the schedule and only see four maybe five wins left. A 7th or 8th place finish in the Pac-10 also seams realistic. Stretch? We win out, go 22-9, win the Pac-10 tourney, make it to the final four, become the George Mason of this year. No, just kidding. Stretch, we probably win six or seven more games, maybe pull an upset or two (the Ducks, please?) and finish a solid 6th or 7th in the Pac-10. Still not very good.

Tightwad Hill: I know John signed an extension not too long ago, but how soon does he need to get OSU back to the Tourney to keep alums off his back?

Building the Dam: Well, good question. I think we're just looking for some progress at this point. We signed transfer C.J. Giles last week from Kansas, and he'll be able to play next year. That should help us out immensely, so I guess we'll just have to wait to see what Jay John can do with the talent he has next year. If nothing improves in the next year or two, expect the alums on his back. I have a poll going right now if you want to check it out.

Tightwad Hill: Do you expect Seth Tarver to get into the starting lineup this year? What's his game like?

Building the Dam: He's improving. He's actually started quite a few games already... about 10 or so, probably. He's been trading in and out of the starting lineup with Wesley Washington... a player that doesn't score a lot of points but spreads the ball around and gets it done on defense. Both of the Tarvers are going to be great players. Give them a few years, they're both freshmen. With C.J. Gable in his senior year, and the Tarver brothers as juniors, we could do some damage.

Tightwad Hill: Your prediction for the game.

Building the Dam: This is a tough one. You always want to be optimistic and hope for a win, but it's hard to do with the inconsistent team we have now. We played with the Ducks (only lost by 3) yet lose to USC by 45. I'm thinking Cal 74, Oregon State 68. But I'm still optimistic.

Our thanks to Jake and our best wishes for a good, injury-free game tonight. We'll have our prediction up later today.


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