Friday, December 29, 2006


It's nice to win in San Diego. Report card to come post-hangover tomorrow, but suffice to say there will be more than a couple of A's. We want to play Tennessee next week, but we can wait until next year, I suppose. GO BEARS!!!


At 1:34 AM, Anonymous Andrew Dzeguze said...

Vindication, especially for the maligned defense, yes. Seniors demanding a day in the sun, yes. Anything resembling hope for better things next year - nope.

I want to believe in Longshore, but the way he sprayed the ball high and low is deeply disturbing. I'm hopeful Forsett works better in the Dunbar scheme, but I also didn't see Northwestern in the Rose Bowl under Dunbar's care. Call it pessimisim, but I'm getting just the tineiest bit tired of 10 wins and no Rose Bowls. Maybe its just because I was so sure, back in Orlando in 1991, that with another year under Snyder we were going to take it all. Its taken 15 years, but I'm done holding my breath for a trip to Pasadena.

Still, I love Jeff Tedford, and hope he winds up as much a Cal icon as Andy Smith or Pappy Waldorf - hopefully without a crippling disease or untimely death. Loved listening to Herbstreit trying to come up with a pithy way to sum up the "Tedford Era" - like it needs another cutesy name in addition to the "Fighting Tedfords" ESPN gave it three years ago. Tedford's going to be a legend in college coaching, and I just hope he winds up being Cal's legend instead of somewhere like Michigan, Auburn, Alabama or even one of the evils to the south of Berkeley. I also hope if he has a bad couple of years Sandy Barbour realizes all he's done for the school already and gives him a JoePa-type pass, rather than ever pulling a Donna Shalala 180 and dumping him like last week's leftover salmon afte a rough patch.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger T. said...

um, andrew. . .how many times have we been pac-10 champs? once? and you're already tired of it?


And longshore missed *5* passes all night. at least two that were drops. He only "sprayed" one high.

The fucking pessism and negativity of being a Cal fan and having to listen to it is, frankly, super annoying. 10-2! How many times have we won ten games . . .ever?

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we should be more optimistic. Not that anyone really thinks we will win the national championship next year, but we should have a positive attitude about our program and its future. After all, if our players can go out and play their heart out, why can't we just be true fans for once and put aside the pessimisim? If we end up not doing well next year, then so be it. I will be there to cheer on our team until the last possible second. That's what being a Cal fan is all about. Go Bears!!


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