Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Last week we had our own Pac 10 awards show live from Bertola's in Oakland. At least, we believe we did since there is html evidence of the event; we're a little fuzzy on the details even now. Apparently the CFB blogosphere is mature enough to host its own self-congratulatory extravaganza, and interested bloggers such as ourselves have been invited to submit our picks. You, the regular readers of Tightwad Hill, are of course encouraged to visit these fine blogs, if for no other reason than to pump up our link count so we're eventually noticed.

OK, here goes:

The Dr. Z Award
FOR: Cogent, interesting analysis.
CHOICE (tie): Sunday Morning QB, MGoBlog and The Blue Gray Sky. The former is the best all-purpose CFB blog around. MGoBlog, in addition to being the birthplace of the BlogPoll, has a great feature that analyzes each Michigan offensive and defensive series, calling out personnel and formations. Blue Gray Sky is the best blog I've seen for historical research, bar none.

The Trev Alberts Quits To Do Construction Award
FOR: comic relief; overall hilarity.
CHOICE: Every Day Should be Saturday. I'll be surprised if it's not unanimous. Although, to be fair, nothing tops their output in late 2005, where they gave us 52 reasons ESPN sucks and Phil Fullmer's apology letter for calling the NCAA on Alabama. That latter post is the funniest thing we've ever read on the Internet.

The Sports Fans Don't Cry Award
FOR: The blog that has suffered through its chosen team's dismal season with the most dignity.
CHOICE: State Fans Nation. The boys in Raleigh were extraordinarily calm and level-headed about their plans to chop Chuck Amato's head off.

The Keith Jackson Circa 1995 Award
FOR: The blog with the most consistently expressive and excellent writing.
CHOICE: Blue Gray Sky. The only CFB blog I've read that is actually immersive; makes you feel far more sympathetic to the Domers.

The Brady Quinn Award
FOR: The prettiest blog.
CHOICE: The House Rock Built. Hi-res scans, and lots of them. Also a nice layout.

Best New Blog
FOR: The best new college football blog.
CHOICE: Dunno, how 'bout House of Heat - a new ASU blog. Good to see the Devils representing.

The LOL, MSM Award
FOR: The blog with the most astute media criticism.
CHOICE: Sunday Morning QB, especially the Chris Fowler diaries.

The Communal Blog Award
FOR: The blog with the best community interaction.
CHOICE: Our old friends at Bruins Nation, the Lord of the Flies of the CFB blogosphere. Great interaction, even if they all share the same mission. Like a political blog, actually.

The Tyrone Prothro Award
FOR: The finest individual post of the college football year.
CHOICE: EDSBS's imagined recruiting visits by Jim Tressel and Lloyd Carr.

The Chris Berman Antimatter Award
FOR: The best contribution to the lingo of our little interniche, be it a nickname, neologism, or catchy phrase.
CHOICE: Not that they need more recognition, but Deadspin gets it for introducing the world to Carl Monday, investigative journalist.

The Old Faithful Award
FOR: The best recurring feature of the year.
CHOICE: EDSBS, for the coaching death-match series.

The That’s Not Really Real Award
FOR: The best photoshop or other counterfeit gag of the year.
CHOICE: MGoBlog, for the On Notice Board, which is wonderfully 'shopped.

The You Talkin’ To Me Award
FOR: The best back and forth between rival blogs the week before a rivalry game.
CHOICE: The exchange between Bruins Nation and the House Rock Built leading up to the Notre Dame game, especially the question about how to fire a minority coach and get away with it in the press.

Best ACC Blog
FOR: The best blog covering an ACC team or the ACC in general.
CHOICE: (tie) Danny Ford is God, a very funny Clemson blog, and State Fans Nation.

Best Big Ten Blog
FOR: The best blog covering a Big Ten team or the Big Ten in general.

Best Big Twelve Blog
FOR: The best blog covering a Big Twelve team or the Big Twelve in general.
CHOICE: Burnt Orange Nation, which is so good it almost makes us forget 2004, and Double Extra Point, a fine Nebraska blog.

Best Big East Blog
FOR: The best blog covering a Big East team, the Big East in general, or Notre Dame.
CHOICE: Blue Gray Sky.

Best SEC Blog
FOR: The best blog covering an SEC team or the SEC as a whole.
CHOICE: The Georgia Sports Report, if only for the fact that its author is a big Replacements fan.

Best Pac Ten Blog
FOR: The best blog covering a Pac Ten team or the Pac Ten in general.
CHOICE: Lots to choose from - Udub Dish, Building the Dam, Conquest Chronicles, House of Heat. But the choice is Bruins Nation, yet again.

Best Non-BCS Blog
FOR: The best blog covering a team not from a BCS conference, a non-BCS conference, or non-BCS conference football in general.
CHOICE: The Navy FanHouse.

Best National Blog
FOR: The best blog that covers the sport of college football as a whole.
CHOICE: Sunday Morning QB.

Mythical National Champion
FOR: The best blog, overall.
CHOICE: Sunday Morning QB, again.


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