Friday, November 03, 2006


I went from awful to mediocre last week, coming in at 5-4. Yet another reason this should not be regarded as anything resembling professional advice. Cal/UCLA to come later.

Penn State (+7) at Wisconsin: The Badgers are at home, and PSU has struggled to generate any offense in the past three weeks. Plus, I pull for any school that can incorporate House of Pain in a football tradition. Wisconsin 31 Penn State 14

Self-Respect in Scheduling (+30) at Auburn: Here's one where I like the Tigers.

LSU (+4) at Tennessee: I'll continue to pick the Vols, especially against this overrated bunch. Tennessee 26 LSU 20

Oklahoma State (+18) at Texas: Statement game. Texas 41 Oklahoma State 20

Georgia Tech (-4.5) at NC State. NC State should lose badly, so they'll win outright. NC State 24 Georgia Tech 21

Washington (+16) at Oregon: Udub plays close games, and 16 points is a ton in a rivalry game.... Oregon 30 Washington 20

Arizona (+16) at Washington State: ...But it's not too many points in a who-cares battle between Captain Concussion and a very confident Cougar team. Washington State 35 Arizona 10

Arizona State (+2) at Oregon State: Looks like the oddsmakers are banking on a letdown, or maybe they think Dirk's got the Devils back to respectability. I might be following dumb money, but I agree on both counts. Arizona State 42 Oregon State 38

USC (-27.5) at Stanford: Stanford's remaining fans have given up; estimates are that many, many thousands of Trojies will fill John Arrillaga's shiny new stadium. Still too many points. USC 34 Stanford 10


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