Monday, November 13, 2006


Look, Golden Bears - a lot of good things happened last week. Just look:
Stanford won a football game. Anyone with a healthy appreciation for Big Game mojo was rooting hard for Walt Harris and the Funky Couch Bunch to get over at least once before coming to Berkeley. Our prayers are answered!

Washington has given up. You just don't lose 20-3 to a winless team with a bowl berth on the line. Domers cluck their tongues, smile. Bears realize that this is the standard formula from Mr. No Intensity's teams. UW - enjoy your one Rose Bowl run each decade - you've earned it!

Who's lower than HuskyFan? The faithful in Westwood, that's who. Not only did Dorrell ensure an encore year with a surprise thumping of the Beavers, but Butch Davis just inked a deal to go to that other school that wears powder blue. Brilliant!

Dirk Koetter, the Gimp to our Zed, is safe in Tempe now that ASU has won 3 of its last 4 games. Whoo-hoo!
The Northwest schools went 0-4 on Saturday. Hey, we recruit the Northwest - that's terrific! Sorry, Bellotti - no five-stars for you!


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