Monday, November 27, 2006


It's important to be careful when writing things on the Internet. Some of these things can read very, very differently five years later.

There's two ways to look at that linked article. On the one hand, it serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who would pronounce Stanford a dead program just because they're playing a backup quarterback, have no running game and are coached by a manic-depressive who can't recruit. On the other hand, it's an awful lot of fun to see how the worm has turned for the author of that piece and her fabulous colleagues in red and white.

Door #2, please. I loves me some schadenfreude.



At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Nick said...

Totally stupid article. I wonder if this guy noticed that there were way more Cal fans at Stanford Stadium last year than the home team brought in. Pathetic.

At 12:11 PM, Blogger T. said...

nick - I suspect "Gail" is a woman. And the article was 2001.

I'd also use it as a cautionary tale for those crowing about the current state of the Cal team, especially as it relates to the mess down on the Farm. Not that I think this is happening, but one Tedford-leaving could mean Cal would jump right back into the cellar. We don't have the big name, the big history or the storied tradition - we're not that far from going back to celebrating bowl eligibility, instead of just expecting it.

At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Nick said...

I noticed it was from 2001. My point was that Gail was biased enough to think that the Stanford fan base was so loyal and wonderful that they would continually fill the Big Game to capacity attendance even if they were losing (Seeing as she critized Cal fans for being fair weather fans). Which was clearly a tremendously idiotic assumption and proves how moronically biased her writing was.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger T. said...

Well, I would argue that she is right about Cal fans being fair weather fans. How big is Rally Comm now? 400 students?

I was in school from 92-96 - and we had intermittent success (1 9-4 season) - and Rally Comm was never bigger than 50 people. The student section was never full.

I think there's a danger of hubris for both schools - neither of us are traditional football/basketball powers - and are subject to the whims of coaching - and it would behoove a lot of the Cal Bear nation (and here, I'm talking to 60% of the posters on cyberbears) to not be so snotty about the relative lack of competition between the Furdities and the Might Bears this year - they still have the overall Big Game lead. And they're a quality coach from being right back in the thick of things. All the benefits of attending Cal - like it or not - apply to Stanfraud as well. (Except for not having your campus look like a giant taco bell. Nor having your co-students named Biff and Buffy) But otherwise, the attractions are similar. Education, Bay Area living, facilities.

Anywho, Beat Stanfurd! I am planning on actually watching my first game from Tightwad Hill this weekend, unless I luck into tickets.

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Nick said...

yeah, the fair-weather issue bothers me as well, mainly because Cal has attracted many fans who didn't suffer through the bad times and now take totally for granted our current success. I'm a senior right now but my folks are old blues, which means I've still seen Cal win less Big Games than Stanford that I've attended (my current record is 5-7). Those who came to Cal with no knowledge of the football history are incredibly quick to despair at the hint of losses and bad luck.

Enjoy the view from Tightwad, and lets hope that you won't be among the last to enjoy a Cal game from up there.

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